derelicts of time Public Deposited

  • 11 minutes
  • Interactive electroacoustic music
Technical Specs
  • Please see attached document

Program Notes
  • Do you believe in the “butterfly effect?”

    The history of the human race as we know it can be seen as an ever-growing conduit connecting present with the past, a testament to our existence that slowly yet steadily disintegrates before our eyes as it approaches the distant horizon. Looking back, the growing amount of debris hopelessly holding onto the gravitational pull of desintegrating conduit reminds us of the limits of our collective ability to differentiate fact from fiction. In this world of recollections doomed to the effects of a communal dementia, the sound sits on both sides of the fence: as a mere derelict or as the very thread that keeps the fabric of time from unraveling.

    Long after the essence has all but dissolved, its legacy continues to percolate throughout the continuum with unprecedented clarity--a shining beacon amid the memory graveyard.




derelicts of time Performed by: Jay Crone


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