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Forget the Wall, We Need a Mirror! Being a first generation latino immigrant, living in Texas 4 hours away from the border, and constantly meeting people telling stories about how they illegally crossed the border, has finally taken a toll on me after my first year in Austin. This piece is built upon sounds of shattering glasses, tuned glass pipes, a sprint in the middle of the Texan dessert, the lack of water, and the sound of an eager immigrant chipping out the wall that separates them from their family, from their dreams. A mirror that shattered when some Americans forgot how their parents arrived to Ellis Island in a boat full of dreams, a thick accent, no visa, and a lot of sadness. This piece was originally written for a collaboration with dancers and video for the 2017 Ears, Eyes and Feet collaborative project at UT Austin.

Forget The Wall, We need a Mirror!

  • 08:06
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