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Composer. Francesco Bossi is a composer whose work includes acoustic and electroacoustic music, video and installations. He holds degrees from the University of Bologna and Conservatorio di Milano where he graduated with highest honors. His research is currently focused on the production of algorithmic/computer-based custom synthesizers. His effort is to share contemporary music beyond academic audiences. His works are performed by orchestras and ensembles and frequently selected by international festivals and concerts. He has been awarded first price in "The Sounds of Music" competition, (Villa Arconati Music Festival (Milan, 2012). His installation Living Portrait: FM Mona Liza has been chosen for the exhibition Sankta Sango - Palace of Arts, Naples (2013), and for Soundislands Festival 2015, Singapore (2015). As a composer he has been recently invited to Florence (Diffrazioni, 2014 - 2016), New York City - (NYCEMF 2015, 2016 and 2017), Denton (Usa) - (ICMC 2015), Valencia (XII Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro y M├║sica Electroac├║stica, 2015), Statesboro USA (Seamus 2016), Bourges (France) ("Art & Science Days 2016), Sao Paulo - (CMMR 2016), Matera (Ma/In Festival 2016), St. Cloud (Usa) - (Seamus Conference 2017), Livorno ( "Suoni inauditi" - 2017), Como ("Elettrosensi" 2017), Seul (SICMF 2017), Limassol-Cyprus (SMC 2018), New York City (NYCEMF 2018). He also has been involved in "Soundpostcards from Milan" ( with "Fanfare for the Velasca Tower".
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